Mineerva Fertility

The Vision

In the wake of my personal journey as a fertility patient, I embarked on a mission to establish a world-class fertility clinic and day hospital. It has been a seven-year endeavour to translate this vision into reality.

Opting to situate our facility at The Bond, an award winning, architectural masterpiece, was a deliberate choice. Crafted from wood and seamlessly integrated with nature, The Bond exudes a tranquil atmosphere, with the scent and sight of wooden beams and columns invoking a powerful soothing effect.

Drawing upon two decades of experience, I have surrounded myself with the finest professionals in the field to bring this vision to fruition. Together, we collaborated with an international team of IVF experts to create Minerva Fertility, setting a new benchmark for IVF laboratories.

Additionally, Bond Day Hospital emerged as a testament to our commitment to patient-centric care. This state-of-the-art day surgery, characterised by magnificent design, provides an optimal healing environment with a focus on comfort and calm.

Dr Antony Lighten
Founder of Minerva Fertility

Meet Your Team

The Nurses

Minerva Fertility has two experienced nurses with a special interest and passion for infertility and early pregnancy care.

Janeace and Natalie have known each other for 7 years and are extremely happy to be reunited. The Minerva team will provide you with a boutique inspired approach to fertility treatment and care.

The nurses will be a constant support throughout your fertility journey.

The Scientists

At the heart of the laboratory are our highly skilled embryologists. Maria, Tina and Eve have over 75 years of experience between them. Their skills cross all aspects in the laboratory.

You will meet the scientists before your egg collection or embryo transfer. They will share their expertise with you and will happily take your questions.



Ovaleap is an FSH injection used to stimulate follicle development.

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Ganirelix is an injection used to prevent premature ovulation in antagonist IVF cycles.

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Synarel is a nasal spray used to prevent premature ovulation in agonist IVF cycles.

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Ovidrel is a synthetic form of hCG, used to induce ovulation and also to mature follicles in IVF cycles.

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Luveris is an LH injection used, alongside FSH, to promote follicle development.

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Utrogestan Pessaries

Utrogestan Pessaries are used to prepare the womb for implantation and to support early pregnancy.

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Get In Touch

Bond Day Hospital
Suite 2.01 The Bond
8 Elizabeth Macarthur Drive
Bella Vista NSW 2153

For more information, please email the IVF nurses nurse@minervafertility.com.au or
call us on +61 2 8883 3319